Sunday, September 10, 2006

bypassing port 22, if and only if your admin closed port 22

huh..hav been thru alot of r&d lately. i'm realy didn't get what r&d actually stand in's relex&delay?:D.heh. being someone who spent almost 2 years on r&d, i felt that least for me.but thanx god, i made my r&d done.huhh.ohh back to the topic. actually, lately i stumbled accross a few things/domain. it;s started with embedded system, security competation,,,bla..bla..bla. for embedded system, i'll leave it for next post.yeahh,, now, back to the topic. by passing blocked ssh port.hehe. some sort of ppls tend to change the default ssh's port from 22 to unblocked port(80,443). it's relatively rare to find admin (if, he does, woww-i'm amazed.:p) to closed port 80 and 443 since these two ports hold responsiblelity to handle http and https traffics. but do you really think, people who provide free ssh services will change the default for our own gud. i dont think so, here is how u can actully by pass the blocked ssh port. what u really need are tor (the onion routing) and privoxy. first things first.
-------------------------------howto begin----------------------------------------------------

1.install tor. (im using gentoo,arrgg, installation is just demm plain straight forward.go figure for ur distro)
shell>emerge -av tor

2.install privoxy
shell>emerge -av privoxy

3.configure privoxy's config file.
shell>vi /etc/privoxy/config
#things that you should change.
#on line 661
#on line 1009
forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .
#hehh,watch out the "." at the end of localhost:blalal .
#u really need to put that magic "."

4.configure tor's config file
shell>vi /etc/tor/torrc
#things that you should change.
#on line 30
SocksPort 9050
#online 31
#online 34
ReachableDirAddresses *:80
#online 34
ReachableORAddresses *:443

5.config ur(ssh luser) ssh's config file
shell>vi /home/yomuds/.ssh/config
#add these line to ur config file
#whatever host u can put here.
ProxyCommand socat -,socksport=9050 just an example. put your real ssh server here
#e.g=ProxyCommand socat -,socksport=9050

6. run our tor and privoxy services.
shell>/etc/init.d/tor start

shell>/etc/init.d/privoxy start

7.test our configuration.yey..\0/
yomuds@gentoob0x ~ $ ssh
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

Welcome to Please log in....'s password:
Last login: Mon Sep 4 14:42:52 2006 from
System News -

--------------------------------end howto---------------------------------------

this howto should worked if ur admin didn't block tor network.if he did, then we're out of's happen to me.:(.demm..*update*-i was wrong,our admin didn't block the tor network yet.huhh..legaa!!.:D..\o/