Tuesday, December 25, 2007

hello ubuntu

It's have been a good 2 years of services mr gentoo.i'm very appreciate for all the good and awesome stuff we have been thru'. it's just a time for me to change my mode.Again, Thank a lot. Hello ubuntu.:D. You're just so gorgeous!!.Everything just works started from the beginning until now.:D.i'm a proud user of you,mr ubuntu. The hardware detection just awesome. I'm no longer having problems for connecting on bluetooth,mmc card, hp hw6515 ,nokia n95,etc.etc.It's awesome.

i have not blogging for quite sometimes now. Not really busy, but just didn't have mode for blogging. that's the main problem for me.:D.I need to start changing this things.Err, it's started be sounded like a new wish/spirit for new year.gissshhhh. Really, i need to start actively writing on the blog. :D.