Monday, June 07, 2010

Hello Miami and Lets Talk on Portable Desctructive PDF.

I'll speaking at the 22th FIRST conference at Miami next week. The topic of my presentation is PDF: Portable Destructive File: Attacks And Analysis. I'll be sharing on dissecting malicious PDF and how we can perform an analysis on the malicious PDF file. Below is my abstract for the presentation.[]

Portable Destructive File (PDF) Attacks and Analysis

The increased prevalence of malicious Portable Document Format (PDF) files has generated interest in techniques to perform analysis on such document.We have observed a lot of attacks try to abuse the PDF vulnerabilities by hosting malicious pdf files on the Internet. The modus operandi involved in lurking people to open malicious PDF files by using social engineering attack. The emails were sent with a link to PDF file, by attaching the malicious PDF file directly to trap victim to open the files.

In this presentation we will share with you on how to analyze malicious PDF files which abusing JavaScript for exploitation and as well as using it as attacker payloads. What you will learn here will help you to analyze malicious PDF files on your own by using freely available tools.