Tuesday, January 08, 2008

[x] OpenSolaris

I'm working on something with solaris. Finding old version of solaris like 9 and 8 is come to no hope.:D.Anyway, thank to SUN for releasing new solaris version 10. It's a brand new solaris with a couple of integration with GNU/Free Software project. So, i gave a try to install opensolaris on vmware server. The installation went smoothly. Opensolaris GUI installation need more than 512M of memory, though. Here is the screenshot taken on opensolaris installation. It's nice to see a brand new opensolaris. You can grab the iso for opensolaris from here. You need to register,though. Once you downloaded 3 iso dvds, you need to unzip and concatenate the files. Here are the steps that u can perform.

1. unzip the iso files.
shell>unzip sun-solaris-file-dvd-1.zip
shell>unzip sun-solaris-file-dvd-2.zip
shell>unzip sun-solaris-file-dvd-3.zip

2. combine the files
shell>cat sun-solaris-file-dvd-1 sun-solaris-file-dvd-2 sun-solaris-file-dvd-3 >

3.Burn into your dvd or if your're using vmware server for installation, just point the iso option into sun-solaris.iso file.

The login screen from opensolaris. It's running on gnome windows manager.

Still remember those day when solaris 7,8,9 are the main target of 0wning?:X.Once done with the installation, i was try to enable a few legacy services by sun likes telnet, ftp, nfs,finger etc..etc.Argg, did i mention fingerd.?.Solaris implementation on fingerd was a mistake at least on version below than 10. By issuing a finger command to fingerd daemon by using all number for user,fingerd will display all the information regarding user who was logged into system.I'm trying my luck on new version to see either the bug still there or not. Enabling the service is just so easiieeee.:D.It's kind of using ubuntu enable services gui application.:D.hehe.The bug i was looking for is no longer there. Thank God.:D. Anyway, opensolaris is just another OS that i need to learn.

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