Friday, July 14, 2006

qemu:another problems faded away

today, i played with fedora core at home which i installed 5-6 months back. the motivations behind this issue becouse i got 192MB sdram from a friend,hafiz.thanx,, i start to reinstall the ram and test it with my old/ancient pc running fedora core 4.hahh,my bios showed that i just had extra 192MB of ram.hahaha.gud.:D.when my fedora was booting smoothly, i figured out for how long this machine didn't do any sort of update.:D.hehh.kernel is still running on default installation which is 2.6.11.x.unstable, current kernel is, i was thinking to update this system.being a streamixless home, i decided to bring this machine to my workplace for upgrading the system.ohh, wait, why not just unplug the hdisk and runing it thru qemu.woow, nice idea. beside that, i bought a new tool called "usb 2.0 to ide cable".nifty tools i told u.i recommand u to have one(u can find it at lowyat).so i can plug my fedora hdisk to the usb cable and i ready to go.:D.qemu even asked me which kernel do i need to pick up upon booting.:D.seem like i gonna use this way to upgrade my two others machines running openBSD 3.8 and freebsd 6.0

shell>qemu -hda /dev/sda -m 128 -user-net
when, qemu start to booting my fedora core hdisk, i've had countered with simple problem regarding the Xorg setting.i fixed up this problem with a new setting for display screen set to, now i'm ready for my upgrading is screenshot for my fedora core updating itself with yum.:D.

i had to said that i hate yum so much.:D.hehhe.its freaking slow compare to port/portage system. btw,lucky me to had our malaysian base fedora mirror provided by oscc. you can check the mirror here. i also had centos4.2 on qemu img to be update, but dont worry, let finish this update first.:D.thanx to brilliant qemu features.

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adli said...

Qemu roxen :-) . Selamat berjaya dengan blog baru. hehe.